The following article will analyze the potential business value of jewelry from various different angles

1. Industry concentration gradually increased, the market to the well-known brands gathered

The world's brand awareness of jewelry consumption is still in the early stages, regional brands or market miscellaneous brands diverted nearly half of the purchasing power. The future as people's income levels and consumer awareness of upgrading, the speed of industry consolidation further accelerated, so that the market to more brand, channel advantages and product design capabilities of the enterprise concentration, jewelry industry competition is increasingly intense.


2. The huge potential for urban development in developing countries to become a growth point for the industry

At present, the contribution of urban residents of developing countries to the total consumption of jewelry is relatively limited, while the future growth of 75% of jewelry consumption will come from cities in developing countries. These potential for urban consumption growth demand has become the main driving force of the jewelry consumption market.


3. Channel value to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

From the perspective of the business value chain, the quality channel resources in urban core shopping areas are limited, and having quality channel resources can continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. More and more jewelry enterprises began to strengthen the control of terminal sales and channel construction by establishing flagship stores in core shopping areas, increasing the number of high-end stores counters, and expanding the scale of franchised stores and other means. Channel resources, as an important component of the profitability and competitiveness of brand jewelry enterprises, will continue to be focused on and invested by jewelry enterprises. Choose Jewelrykg, it can not only provide you with quality jewelry channels, but also customize the jewelry jewelry for consumers to like.


4. Improve product design capabilities to become the future development trend

Jewelry consumer market is mainly gold jewelry, compared to product design style, consumers focus more on the material, high product homogeneity, jewelry enterprises design gene is insufficient. With the maturity of the market, jewelry design style, style, technology is also increasingly valued by consumers, the original product design capabilities will become one of the core competencies of jewelry companies to gain market share. Jewelrykg contains a variety of jewelry, with a wider consumer market


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