I don't know what kind of expression this guy looks like now, like a pig? It must be! For a moment Tang Yue thought that the wound was in front of him, so that he could see the expression on the guy's face at this time. It's just, if the wound is in the front, don't you let him see most of it? Thought numerous "chaos", Tang Yue hurriedly secretly spat oneself, Hongxia is involuntarily dizzy on the double dimple, the sense of shame is infinite, how oneself cranky "chaos" think these things ah? This guy is my niece's boyfriend! Think of him to snatch the position is not firm Mu Zhi, Tang Yue is a little resentful, between the nose is very discontented to hum lightly. What's the matter? Han Yan asked, thinking that he would not blow Aunt Tang more and more painful? Tang Yue curled her lips. In her heart, the tone of concern for that guy was quite useful, but she still complained: "It's nothing. I'm angry when I think of you taking away my Muzhi." "Well, it sounds like I robbed your wife to be the lady of the village. It's all right now." Han Yan side blowing, side said, Tang Yue's guilty "chaos", in fact, he is not where to go, the heart has a kind of Tang Yue hugged over the impulse to blow. Tang Yuewen wanted to laugh but couldn't. She wanted to stare at the guy but was behind her. She was depressed and said, "It's good now. When you get married,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, are you still willing to accompany me, an outsider?" "Do you want to live alone?" Han Yan asked, stopping. Feeling the hesitation behind her, Tang Yue felt a little disappointed. Just as she was about to answer, the guy's annoying voice rang again: "Don't even think about it." Keep on blowing. As soon as Tang Yue felt her nose sour, tears welled up in her eyes. She secretly'rubbed 'a few times and took a few shallow breaths to prevent the guy from seeing anything strange. Then she said angrily, "Why?" Why not? You have to come with us anyway. All right, I'll get you the medicine. Han Yan said,Time Delay Tap, then got up and went to the front of the TV cabinet. There was a counter below where there was medicine, including iodophor. Overbearing! Looking at the back of that guy, Tang Yue spat lightly, but her heart was very sweet. The young couple finally did not forget their "lonely old man", but they were even more "chaotic". Did they really want to live with them? It doesn't seem to fit. Taking out iodophor, cotton swabs and gauze, Han Yan turned around and found Aunt Tang in a trance. "What are you thinking about?" He asked. "Huh?"? Oh, nothing.. Tang Yue blushed a little, and naturally would not tell him that he was thinking about the situation of three people living together in the future, and after being awakened by Han Yan, he exclaimed in his heart, Oh, my God! Do I want to live with him so much? No, I just want to be with Muzhi! Well, that's it! Han Yan looked at it and thought it was funny. He just "exposed" his shoulder and wiped the wound. His heart was "confused" like a little girl. He didn't have the calmness of a leader. He didn't say anything. He sat back on the sofa and said that after sitting down, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, he soaked the cotton with a cotton swab and gently wiped it on the wound. Hiss.. Touching the wound, Tang Yue could not help but take a breath and shrink her shoulder. It was obvious that the "medicine" water had caused some pain in the wound. At this time, a trace of cool and refreshing blew over again, and immediately the pain was dispelled a lot. Tang Yue knew that it was the guy who used the magical "blowing magic" again. The shoulder that had retracted a little slowly loosened subconsciously, and the twisted eyebrows also stretched out. This guy is still very understanding, Tang Yue thought, floating in his mind from this guy outside the community is very natural and unrestrained wave of his hand for the beginning of the fragment, after the scene, there are happy, there are smiles, there are moved, there is anger, there is blame, also like a movie, in their own memories played up. It turned out that this guy had unconsciously entered his own life in a short period of time, and had gained so much trust from himself! It seems that he is the first man to be accepted into his life! Think of here, Tang Yue mouth subconsciously raised a bit of a comfortable smile, and their young couple living together, should be a very pleasant life. "Is it true what you just said?" He asked subconsciously. Han Yan was stupefied by the endless question. After a little recollection, he was relieved and said, "Of course, you can't do it even if you don't agree." Hum Vice Mayor Tang snorted, noncommittal, but raised his eyebrows a little higher. The cotton swab gently rubbed on the right shoulder, and under the constant blowing of Han Yan, it gradually cooled down, and the pain had completely dissipated. Looking at the bright and clean shoulder, Han Yan could not help but "steal from himself" several times, and gently slipped over with his fingers without "revealing" traces. Gradually rubbing from the top of the wound to the bottom, Han Yan suddenly discovered that there were still three small wounds at the end, still hidden in his pajamas. He couldn't help pulling down his clothes. When Tang Yue found out, her heart trembled and she hurriedly said, "What are you doing?" "The clothes are in the way." Han Yan tried to keep his tone calm, took a deep breath, and moved his eyes away from Tang Yue's smooth back, which was somewhat dark under the cover of his clothes. He just pulled it, but he didn't expect to pull it a little harder. He pulled the opening a little wider, and the graceful curve of most of Tang Yue's naked back came into view! His lower body swelled up a little involuntarily. Uh Tang Yue nodded, the coolness of her back made her anxious, I don't know how much she was pulled apart, this guy. But as Han Yan gently to the wound "medicine", her thoughts also slowly back, in the end is their own heart, irritating! Finally, when the gauze was stuck on, Han Yan inevitably had to "touch" Tang Yue's fragrant shoulder. The greasy feeling made him feel fascinated and eager to "touch" Aunt Tang's whole back. However, he was able to resist the impulse,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, but his lower body was swollen and uncomfortable. Buttoning back, Tang Yue breathed a long sigh of relief. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were full of blame. She always felt that Han Yan's claws were a little strange. It seemed that she was constantly taking advantage of herself, which made her heart rise involuntarily. cnkexin.com