Are you worried about what gifts to buy for people?  I think a delicate jewelry gift box is a good choice. I often buy this jewelry box like a blind box from Jewelrykg. Jewelrykg is an online wholesale jewelry website and they offer a way that jewelry sells by kilo.Jewelry sold by kilo is not only cheap but also of good quality. As we all know, wholesale jewelry is cheap enough, but jewelry sold by kilo is even cheaper. Thus, it is an affordable shopping site. It's a perfect place to buy a gift here. I summarize some advantages of  jewelrykg.


  • High quality. The products are by no means inferior, and every product has its integrity.
  • Offer jewelry without MOQIt's really kind to the people who need some jewelry to match different styles but not wholesale quantities. 
  • Rich product line and the product styles per kilo are diversified. 
  • All the products sold by kilo have independent packages. It’s also good for being small gifts for friends. 
  • Complete after-sales system. 
  • The products are sent in random styles and full of surprises. Wholesale jewelry sold by kilo is like blind box to me. People are always fascinated by the unknown!