A B2B marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing No better marketing technique demonstrates your expertise & thought leadership and generates quality leads for all funnel stages than webinars. Webinars help your business deliver tremendous value to your ideal audience, accelerating your pipeline while keeping the attendees engaged. This blog post will be your go-to B2B marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing work wonders for your brand. Modern marketing works on one precept- to get value, give value. Webinar marketing has to be strategic. From the webinar topics to the distribution channels- you need to chart out the entire path to get a bang for your buck. Let’s dive in! Understanding the number of registrations will vary from topic to topic. It makes the decision-making process easier for them and skyrockets sales. The Way Forward - Brainstorm topics your audience wants to learn more about and find intriguing. You may start by talking to your sales and customer success teams to gauge what questions the customers/prospects have. Study your social channels and figure out what your audience is most interested in, what questions they’re asking, and what they are seeking. Pro-tip: Look for your most-read blogs and see if you can turn one into a webinar. Webinar marketing isn’t all about driving registrations; it’s more about making it engaging for your attendees. Also, start your session with an icebreaker, ensuring your audience doesn’t hesitate to participate. Leverage conversation marketing so the audience can ask questions, raise hands, and chat amongst themselves. Include a quiz or a game that keeps them focused. The goal shouldn’t be to get more people to attend your webinar but get more people in the middle or bottom of the funnel. Are you missing out on modern marketers' needs in the digital era? Want to stay updated with Martech trends? Check out Martech News for such regular updates. Check out our Martech Cube Podcast for stories from the industry experts that share their business journey with tips and strategies to achieve career success!!