In today's content, I demonstrated the fine barb that I created for my Tel Aviv rage project. I need to get over here because I want to keep moving forward.

I'll show you, soon, maybe this particular structure starts to run quickly, I switch it from one content to another, but here, um, run out, I want to show you that this is just a player, um, here in TRAb, so that you can understand this project, um, this role, I mean shooting something, I don't necessarily go all out, like I won't, um, here, for this specific run, I won't, um, too much like ham bone, like MaxAll things, the most effective running, but I just want to show you how it quickly takes pictures of everything, and then you change the position, and then you find everything, and then I continue to use this thing to find things, I can't find things to find things, I missed a guy hiding behind things, but yes, he hit trav, and then you can continue, if you want, you can reset the running, and then I continue to use this thing to find things, I can't find things toYou can increase your level of protection by using one of your other skills. Instantaneously, ones that are extremely rare will appear. You see, in order for you to eliminate those individuals. It can be a little frustrating at times. You are no longer required to be afraid while slowly cutting them down. To be more specific, with the exception of the truly one-of-a-kind individuals who are part of the special committee, as I mentioned earlier, when  start, all we really need are the statistics to back my head up. I completely forgot that I hadn't upgraded them in a very long time; however, it seems like they have sufficient power. I finally got enough strength to wear my equipment, and then I actually invested more points in dexterity because I only fired one or two shots at each monster. Dexter, your equipment is typically a special construction, and you don't have it here.

If you spend more points on your strength, you will inflict more damage on your enemies and use up more energy in the process. More survivabilityBecause survivability is not a particularly significant issue, I made the decision to increase the number of points in the deck. This will ensure that each swing will connect, and as a result, you will finish off the monster more quickly. I see you did it. Not every hit has 86 chances to hit, but there are 50 chances before I put all the points in the deck, so in my opinion, it is not to remove the equipment or magic, but rather to remove other things that are comparable. The starting value is 240 before any point increases are made, and I made an increase of 220 points in agility or other related categories.

How many points do I put on their strength to make them reach their current position, and then I put the rest on their vitality, such as 200200120 or other things along those lines? You are unable to make out any energy behind me, and the level of resistance here is fairly low. They are actually a little on the high side, and this one, which is actually 85, is due to the fact that I'm wearing a piece of equipment, as I'll demonstrate here. You can see that howling and battle command are its synergy, so I'm just going to directly next, smash one in vertigo, and want to focus on improving my combat skills to the greatest extent possible, I use sword or attack, so I mixed the blade skills. One of the things I'm curious about is how all of these aspects of the war cry are connected to one another. Now that D2R items (this link) have me to maximize Howell because of the synergy of rage, I maximize the battle command because this is the synergy of rage, and then of course there is a cry, I have one, and you have one, just to get a point across. This is what you need, and it is also what you need to help get the maximum battle command, because in this way, you will eventually get a lot of extra life, which really helps to improve survivability.


I was only successful in acquiring one point for searching for potions, and I spent the rest of my time searching for items


  1. I just got it

  2. You have to understand that even if I include one point in the definition of the item, the total will not rise by even one percent

  3. However, the fine potion has 1% synergy at each level, and so beginning right now, any additional points that I earn will be put toward the fine potion

  4. This just slipped my mind

It's pretty elementary in comparison to other things in the skill tree. Let's move on to the next topic, which is the equipment, specifically swords, since they seem to be the most popular choice. It shouldn't come as a shock to you. I suffer from a melancholy, which is not serving me well in any way. Oh, but you simply have no choice. I just want to rock with it, and even though it's gotten better, it's still very good, so I have a choice that's both unfortunate and interesting on the shield. Please keep in mind that I do not possess all of the best equipment in the entire game. As a result, the equipment that I am using is a very good mixture of high-end equipment and budget equipment. I just cobbled together any rhyme shield as quickly as I could. My starting point is not particularly strong. It is not the case. Then I came to the conclusion that I required one, so I hastily threw one together; it's just a rhymed shield, so you can get the blocking rate blocking chance or any chance to restore mana with it. Gold fines and magical fines are immune to the effects of any resistance. This shield can be a little bit annoying at times.

To tell you the truth, it can't be put on hold for a project involving aggressive trail runners. In most cases, you will want to remove the cold damage that the character takes in order to obtain the effect that cannot be frozen in this context. You can make Zhuang's belt to get the effect of not freezing, but I chose to go a slightly different route because I got this here. Well, you can make Zhuang's belt to get the effect of not freezing.

There are some people here who shake. I came to the conclusion that using Arias' space would allow me to have an additional attack level of life. After all, power decks are all about barbarians. Amara's is mine, if we're talking about resistance. You are able to make use of a caster amulet, and it is possible that I will eventually switch some things around. I was able to acquire enigma in this location, which can be used to perform all of the functions associated with enigma, including magic mine, but it is obviously transmitted to trav. It is extremely easy to do, but you might have to run a little bit slower there, or maybe not even that much slower; however, if you get it and use it, Buy Diablo 2 ladder Runes will lie to you here, huh,In point of fact, I didn't remember to bring these gloves with me when I first started running. I might be telling the truth when I say that there are not a lot of running traps here, but it is undeniable that I chose to run war traps on the boots that are located here. There aren't any boots that actually assist in building that many, so I decided to throw some magic and discovered that the boots have some good wart traps. At this point, I made the decision to throw t-goth, which obviously has the power of the deck. Its primary ability is lightning absorption, and it is the lightning rod with the most surface area.

They use lightning as an attack method. In point of fact, they steal some of your mana, but the cost is that you take damage from the lightning. There is no need for concern on your part. Anyway, you may be fine. This adds only 30 more points of magic to your total. My research revealed that this is still merely an addition.

This is the action that I've decided to take. It cannot be denied that dwarves cheat their way to extra gold on trav. People will sometimes run two dwarfs for a 100% increase in their gold fines. You should know that if they play more gold fines gambling on Trev, I don't like gambling because not only do you get all of the gold, but you can also use it to do some things. If they play more gold fines gambling on Trev, you can also use it to do some things. The Flame Absorption there will protect you from the damage dealt by the Hydra, despite the fact that you don't really need it. You are able to effectively block the damage from the Hydra. It's a good thing I have an FCR ring on me because, as I've already mentioned, I don't have a good spell amulet and my level isn't high enough to equip one. Therefore, there are 100, making the total 110.