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Every drink has its flavor. A rich diversity of taste and unique fervors make your drink distinguished and become an all-time favorite for consumers!

Zone Syrups add a punch to every occasion. With an extensive range of bar syrups, fruit crushes, gift packs, syrup pumps, and more, it is a refreshing delight for you!

The Cocktail Story presents myriad bar syrups in different flavors like Mojito, Blue Curacao, Peach Iced Tea, Watermelon, Grenadine, Green Apple, Green Mint, and more.

The Cocktail Story is the perfect one-stop platform that provides amazing flavors of Zone syrups. Experience an adrenaline rush with the goodness of fruits in every sip.


Bar Syrups


The Cocktail Story features Zone bar syrups which are a selection of different syrups created especially to add magic to your drinks.It offers the most genuine flavors to tempt your taste buds and lead you on a lovely trip of discovering novel flavors. With our extensive selection of Zone syrups, be party-ready. They are ideal for making mocktails, cocktails, flavored lemonades, iced teas, milkshakes, and dessert toppings.


Fruit Crushes


The cocktail Story provides Zone Crushes that give your drinks and desserts a professional touch and a savory punch. Crushes are a concentrated mixture of sugar and fruit pulp. With the fruity flavored crushes from Zone, you'll feel revived and rejuvenated. The crushes, which are infused with carefully chosen ingredients, are perfect for making iced tea, lemonades, slushes, and other energizing and delicious mocktails. TCS recommends these crushes to flavor your favorite delicacies, such as ice cream or falooda, or to make indulgent milkshakes.


Flavored Syrups and Cordials


The Cocktail Story has an extensive selection of essential items for consuming distinctive and traditional cocktails. Enjoy a variety of drinks with fantastic and authentic flavors, from traditional syrup to modern ginger ale. made with the best ingredients for an unforgettable experience. With savory Zone's Cordial and juices, you may enhance the flavor of cold or hot beverages.


Dessert Toppings


The Cocktail Story is elated to introduce a chocolate liquid that will give your sweets a delicious flavor. It can be added to sweet recipes, poured over sweets, or added directly to milk. The Genuine chocolate flavors and tastes of the liquid will satisfy your senses and palate. It is a delicious treat for chocolate fans.


A variety of Fruit Crushes are available


Pina Colada Syrup

The Pina Colada bar syrup from Zone is the ideal fusion of pineapple and coconut. TCS helps you avail an additional discount on the product.


Limone Syrup

The non-alcoholic Zone Limone bar tastes like tart lemonade.


Cucumber Syrup

The non-alcoholic Zone Cucumber bar syrup is the ideal summertime refresher.


Paan Fresco

You can find a Paan Fresco Zone non-alcoholic bar syrup on TCS. It possesses a flavor of fresh shahi paan that is wonderfully balanced.


Blueberry Syrup

Zone Blueberry non-alcoholic bar syrup delivers an all-year-round perfectly balanced flavor of fresh blueberries.


Mojito Syrup

TCS’s Mojito Syrup from Zone is the perfect combination of diverse ingredients, giving it a well-balanced taste of the traditional mojito. The syrup is perfect for smoothies, fruit punches, drinks, and lemonades. It is time efficient as you can use Mojito Syrup to flavor frozen cocktails and mocktails instead of spending it on preparation.


Blue Curacao

The Cocktail Story is a one-stop marketplace to avail Zone’s blue curacao syrup, which has an orange flavor and is non-alcoholic. It tastes mildly and sweetly orange. It goes nicely with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


Watermelon Bar Syrup

Zone’s Watermelon syrup has a pleasant and reviving melon flavor. It is excellent for keeping you hydrated and makes a great addition to smoothies, milkshakes, and mocktails.


Green Mint

Fresh, green, and colorful mint syrup like Zone's Green Mint Syrup is the best option for reviving your body. With The Cocktail Story’s amazing discounts on the bar syrup, you can give your favorite drinks a minty coolness and energizing freshness.


Cherry Bar Syrup

A crimson-tinted non-alcoholic syrup produced with fresh cherries, Cherry syrup adds a fruity punch to your beverages.


Green Apple Bar Syrup

Green Apple Syrup is made from actual green apples. It gives smoothies, sodas, and mocktails a sweet and juicy flavor.


To create an ecosystem for the hospitality sector, alcoholic beverage businesses, and spirit enthusiasts, The Cocktail Story was founded in 2018. With our carefully curated information and knowledge in the field of alco-brev, we are recognized as transforming the industry and bringing a cocktail revolution. It provides an interactive area for the bar fraternity and Indian bartenders. TCS also launches domestic alcohol brands and endeavors to inspire national drinking patterns. It is the first and only marketplace in India solely dedicated to beverages and alcohol. This is a one-stop shop for all of your drinking requirements. TCS examines fresh products available on the market for a discount and gives Indians a place where they can interact. Through the help of our witty lessons, you can learn the craft of mixology and know the latest drinking patterns in your nation.


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