Travelers of today are less interested in finding hotel rooms than they are in having a more genuine experience while they are away, whether for business or pleasure. Previously, it was incredibly expensive to have an authentic vacation experience, but Airbnb has made it possible for everyone to have a sustainable place to stay, not just the richest among us. In the past ten years,

Airbnb has developed into one of the most well-liked and lucrative rental marketplaces offering holiday rental services globally. But what distinguishes it as special, effective, and revolutionary? What industry does Airbnb leverage to generate revenue? What is the most effective strategy to launch a lucrative hospitality company like Airbnb?

In this article, we'll talk about what makes this peer-to-peer marketplace unique and how to create a website similar to Airbnb.

How does Airbnb function?

For visitors from all over the world looking for cosy lodging that is inclusive, authentic, local, and secure, Airbnb has developed a novel solution. Instead of only offering lodging to tourists, Airbnb aims to provide a memorable experience that people will remember for the rest of their lives.

Through the use of technology, Airbnb has enabled people to commercialise their space and become hospitality hosts, enabling more than 150 million passengers worldwide to experience comfortable accommodations.

The Airbnb business model

In the first place, Airbnb provides a practical solution. The purpose of Airbnb's business strategy is to enable a large market to come together as a community through distinctively tailored experiences. Starting an Airbnb clone app website has many benefits, including the fact that you are not need to own any rental properties. Instead, it serves as a medium that encourages communication between hosts and guests.

Both users' accounts can be created for free, however the platform levies commission fees from each booking for hosting (3%) and renting (6–12%). All reservations and financial transactions for Airbnb must be made through the Airbnb website.

How can a website like Airbnb be made?

In 2020, the Airbnb industry is anticipated to expand quickly. Here is a quick tutorial to setting up your Airbnb platform; follow it, and before you know it, you'll be rich.

Observe fundamental design concepts

When someone visits a website like Airbnb, the design is the first thing they notice. Because they believe that the functionality and conversion factors should take precedence, many organisations opt not to invest in high-quality and beautiful design. Designing for everyone and designing for trust are Airbnb's two guiding philosophies. Implement a user-friendly, straightforward design that makes it easy for users to find the rentals.

To get a competitive edge in the market, be sure to highlight the benefits of your platform. Create a user flow that is simple and effective so that your clients can list and buy the appropriate accommodations in a few simple steps.

Specify the features and functionalities in detail.

It's critical to distinguish between the system's primary functions and ancillary features when developing a peer-to-peer renting platform like Airbnb.

We will talk about the functionalities needed for both hosts and travellers as there are only two users on the Airbnb platform (excluding the admin). It is important to note that integrating the host's functionality is the most challenging aspect of development.

Sign-up and approval

The hosts and guests user groups comprise the Airbnb platform. The latter can examine and book the former's listings of accommodations. Users of an Airbnb platform can change their jobs at any time thanks to the authentication feature. When visiting another city and looking for lodging, for instance, a host who has established a listing may also book other rentals.

Users must be able to easily and conveniently establish user profiles and edit the data within them. For instance, if someone wanted to change their email address, password, phone numbers, etc.

Airbnb user profiles

On the Airbnb website, hosts can list their homes and provide specific information about the accommodations, such as the location type and images.

Integrating maps

Travelers can find the lodging thanks to the capability of the integrated maps. It also functions as a sorting system so that you may look around and quickly preview each property's details, including name and price. The system also displays the most well-liked lodging options based on views and visits.

Messaging programme

Both guests and hosts can communicate within the app about issues like delays, cancellations, the number of visitors, arrival time, etc. This feature is essential because it enables the development of trust between two user groups.

Reserving system

When searching for lodging, visitors want to confirm that it will be available on a specific date. When a user makes a reservation, the host is notified and can choose to accept or reject the request. This increases the market's flexibility for vacation rentals.

System for pushing notifications

Both hosts and visitors can receive notifications via push notifications and quickly navigate to a specific web page. A user receives a notification, clicks on it, and is quickly forwarded to a specific page. This greatly improves user experience while also speeding up procedures. Additionally, this enables both Airbnb user groups to stay current on platform events.

System of online payments

Create a comprehensive online payment system that makes it simple for guests and hosts to send and receive money for the services. This method is practical for visitors, safe for hosts, and provides a way for the administrator to make money by taking a fee from each transaction that occurs on the platform.

postponing payments until the deal is complete

The efficiency of your Airbnb platform depends on this functionality. The platform must ensure that service providers deliver on their promises and that visitors pay the agreed-upon rate for lodging. The best approach to do this is to withhold payment until the service is rendered.

Review process

The basis for how Airbnb clone app platforms work is trust between strangers who conduct business with one another. Each user will have a profile that includes their true name and photos. Along with the licence information, hosts will also have the specifics of their property listed out. After the transaction, both guests and hosts can leave reviews for one another.

Booking application AirBnB

Customer service

This is yet another crucial feature that gives hosts and visitors alike 24/7 access to community support to address any concerns that may arise.

You must also take into account other characteristics in addition to these standard ones. Let's quickly review them.

An analysis of different lodgings

360-degree virtual tour of a hotel

superior filters

Select the type of solution

There are two methods available for creating websites similar to Airbnb.

creating the website from nothing

constructing the website with a script inspired by Airbnb

It all relies on your business needs and tastes, albeit each choice has pros and cons of its own.

starting with nothing

Building the Airbnb website from scratch is a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process. The variety of technology and features you employ on your website will determine the price and duration of the procedure.

creating a replica of Airbnb

A white label Airbnb script is a really good option if you want to launch your Airbnb website quickly and affordably. A vacation rental marketplace with all the features of Airbnb can be created using ready-made scripts or ready-to-deploy software.

If you want to build your own Airbnb platform with comparable features and functionalities, you may either select a customizable or non-customizable template. As opposed to attempting to exactly replicate what Airbnb has done, it is advised that you customise your Airbnb website. Instead, you should comprehend your own target market and meet your audience's needs.

Cost to create a website like Airbnb?

The price to create an Airbnb website varies widely depending on your project's requirements, the features you decide to use, and many other elements. Building your own vacation rental platform from start is the most expensive option when considering the price to establish a website similar to Airbnb. Using an Airbnb clone script can help you construct an Airbnb platform in a method that is less expensive in terms of time, money, and effort.

Additionally, it is unquestionably far simpler than engaging an entire team of experts to create your website. An whole new Airbnb website can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 or more. While Airbnb scripts only cost between $100 and $2,000 each.


More companies are investing in peer-to-peer rental marketplaces to create websites like Airbnb as more millennials opt for holiday rentals over hotels. You can create peer-to-peer rental platforms for anything other than just vacation homes, such cars, bikes, clothes, decorations, and more. So why are you still waiting? Invest in a quick and affordable way to build an Airbnb platform so you can start a profitable business in 2023.