Traveling with family & friends is quite normal, thinking about children flying alone is full of risk. Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor policy helps to get all the details about the rules to fly alone. The airline assures full safety & responsibility of the child. 

Well, it’s one of the major airlines & the world’s oldest airlines in operations. The airlines always make sure to offer the best inflight facilities for worldwide customers. Whenever you choose to fly here, people experience new things every time.

What is the process for unaccompanied minors?

The customers are requested to fill out the form & other necessary documents. However, the form must be with the child during the travel. At the check-in, the parents need to provide other essential documents. 

Are minors allow to fly alone?

Those who are within the age group of 15-17 can fly alone. However, it will cost about $150 each way.  For more information, contact the live representative of the airlines. 

Is a minor allow to fly alone?

The airline will not accept domestic carriage for below seven unless they are traveling with a 15-year-old passenger. Moreover, the parents can endorse the travel  & for the international, the flight is available for age 12 or less than 15. 

On the other hand, contact the Delta Airlines Booking desk for affordable flights & exclusive deals.  The airlines always provide information about various rules about underage passengers. 

At what age is a child allow to sit by themselves on a plane?

Children aged 12 or 13 can sit on the plane alone as there are many rules behind these things that you can review on the official site. 

Services by the airlines:

The airlines always make sure to provide convenience to the minors throughout the journey. However, they are offer snacks & properly taken care of during the trip. Moreover, the customers must carefully research all the essentials related to it. 

Perhaps, low-cost airline always tries to inform about multiple situations. On the other hand, when it comes to flying for the under age travelers all the things are well prepared & made sure no inconvenience is there. 

What are the rules for unaccompanied minors to fly?

Below are the necessary points to follow :

  1. This program is quite important for children between 5-14 years, who are not traveling with 18 years old. 
  2. For those who are between 15 - 17, it’s optional 
  3. Now, children who are 5-7 years can fly on non-stop flights 


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