We have heard a lot of jewelry sales methods such as jewelry retailing. Have you heard of a brand new jewelry sales method: jewelry wholesale? Let me introduce to you next.

The school is about to start. As a student who keeps up with the trend, of course, when you come to school, you must dress up well after your studies. When it comes to dressing up, of course, jewelry is indispensable. But our students have a limited budget and expensive jewelry can exceed our budget, so why not take a look at our new way of selling: by the kilo.


Although the price of wholesale jewelry is cheaper than retail jewelry, many buyers may have this question: Will the jewelry quality of wholesale jewelry be a problem? Of course not! We just changed the form of buying jewelry, not the craftsmanship of making jewelry, the quality will not be a problem


The reason why we choose this way to sell jewelry

Based on the rich variety

There are many kinds of jewelry on the market, and the speed of updating is also very fast. Many companies will release the latest jewelry on a seasonal basis. At this time, selling jewelry piece by piece will greatly increase the time cost of jewelry sales, because many customers will want to buy a large amount of jewelry at one time to meet their needs.

size of jewelry

Some commonly used jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, etc., need to take up very little space in terms of volume. On the other hand, jewelry is different from wool, cotton and other products,which absorb water will affect weight. It is difficult for jewelry to change weight for external reasons. So selling jewelry by weight is a good option.

Wholesale jewelry is an emerging sales method, but it's worth a try!

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