In the latest iOS version, the double or triple tap can perform quick actions.

Not surprisingly, Apple has announced the major revision to its operating system at the 2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. The new operating system of Apple has all the big and small features. 

If you are an iOS user and waiting for the iOS 14 update, then you will be going to enjoy new and interesting features. 

Updated Home Screen With Application Library

Finally, Apple has worked on changing the iOS home screen. With the latest iOS 14, the phone allows you to remove all the applications from your home screen, and even it can also allow you to eliminate the whole home screen. 

Don’t worry! Your application will remain in the all-new updated library. You can find your application in the library on a page that doesn’t allow you to swipe beyond the home screen. 

The new update groups all the applications together into a big folder automatically that shows you some of the most recently used apps as the suggestion in the display. There is a search box, in which you can search applications that you want to use from the library. When you click on the search box, the operating system of the phone will suggest you some application on the upper-left box and show recently used apps in the upper-right box of the display. Even the folders also get automatically categorized in different sections like Health & Fitness, social, and many more.

In this way, the home screen of your iPhone gets cleaned up without losing your application. In recent years, it is one of the biggest changes in the home screen. 

Welcome New Widgets On The Home Screen

If you are aware of all the trends of the iOS in past years, then you will find that widgets have been a part of the iOS for a long time and are available in a simple vertical list. 

With the latest iOS 14, the company has changed the overall widget experience of its users completely. Now the new widgets contain more information and are available in most of the new sizes. Most importantly, there is a new feature that you can drag the widget from the Today view to the home screen. 

Back-Tap Function

Apple has added a new feature in the iOS 14 that you can perform some quick actions by just tapping on the back of your iPhone. You can find the back-tap feature in the accessibility part of the setting of your iPhone. You can use this feature to summon Siri, run shortcuts and control the centre. 

Currently, the company has added around 23 actions, and users can assign two separate gestures for the specific action among those 23 options. Double and triple taps are the two gestures that are available in the latest update that you can use at any time. But when the phone is locked, then you have limited actions to perform.

Steps To Enable Back-tap Feature

  • Now launch the setting option from the phone
  • Find the accessibility feature in this menu
  • Tap on the torch section
  • There you will find the “Back Tap”, click on the same option

Besides, there are other accessibility options like sign language detection during the Facetime calls, headphone accommodations and many more.  


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