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The Documentation That You Need To Prepare To Evident Your Elements -

Before you start writing your material you need to prepare all the necessary documents that will be required to support your elements. The term element is defined as the different areas of knowledge your hold in your engineering discipline. You need to prepare the following documentation:

  • Submit all your academic transcripts for all your engineering qualifications.
  • Prepare a PDF file for each qualification that provides a summary of the content of each unit or paper of the qualification and you should prefer to write in 20 to 30 words for each description.
  • Confer a total of four work samples that display the application of your knowledge. For each work sample, prepare a limited number of PDF files that should not be more than three in total.
  • In the commentary of these elements, write a short note of any other work or study experiences that include your Knowledge of the element. You should prepare two or three paragraphs for each element.
  • You should write brief notes to address the performance indicators for each element.

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