If you’re the type of bride that’s active, outgoing, and works with your hands a lot, then channel diamond engagement rings in Columbus are the ideal choice. This setting offers you a beautiful sparkle, and a simple and classic look while keeping your center stone safe and secure.


Reasons to choose channel diamonds

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides opt for channel diamonds in Columbus is that this setting reduces tiny flaws and imperfections and this allows you to invest in affordable diamonds which is great for couples on a budget.


Channel settings also hold the center stone between metal walls so that it won’t protrude out and won’t snag on skin, clothing, or other surfaces unlike pave, prongs, or other settings.


Just keep in mind that since this setting is deep, dirt, dust, cosmetic buildup, or body oils can gather between the metal walls and the gemstone and dull its sparkle which is why it’s so important to take your ring to a professional to clean, repair and maintain from time to time.


Most brides pair their channel wedding rings in Columbus with round or oval diamonds and set them in yellow gold or rose gold which makes them pop. Also, ensure that you head to a reliable jewelry store that can craft these pieces for you as well as offer you a range of certified gemstones.


These rings are quite secure and safe to wear for most activities and you never have to worry about your diamond getting damaged or chipped.


Compared to other settings and styles, channel set rings are great for women that lead a high-impact lifestyle and love wearing their rings all the time. Just be careful you don’t do any rough activities with your ring on as it can chip or scratch or may even loosen the setting over time.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to this ring, always invest in durable metals and gemstones like platinum and yellow gold as well as diamonds, rubies, or sapphires that are resilient and can easily take on daily wear and tear.


You should also avoid exposing your ring to household chemicals, or abrasives, as well as store it safely away when cleaning, cooking, gardening, showering, swimming, or heading out for any rough activities so that it stays in a good condition for years to come.