Ryan Hewitt Jersey The divorce ofone Chicagocouple just got a little nastier.Cubs fan Nancy Riddlesubmitted an "Emergency Petition For World Series Tickets'' so she could attend Game 4 of the series on Saturday against the Cleveland Indians,.Riddle's estranged husband, John Riddle, currently holds the Sam Hubbard Jersey tickets.The judge ruled that John Riddle was allowed to keep the tickets for him and the couple's 12-year-old Josh Malone Jersey son, but he should pay for a new ticket for Nancy in a section similar to his.MORE: At the moment, the cheapest ticket Damion Willis Jersey for a seat at Wrigley Field isgoing for $3,000.According to John Riddle's lawyer, Shawn Williams Jersey Michael Berger, the Riddles got the World Series tickets through a season-ticket package deal before the divorce began.