Inflatable doll

Inflatable dolls need to be inflated to form their actual appearance. The inconvenience is that the posture cannot be changed, and the texture is not good. The vaginal part resembles a real person. Inflatable dolls are often referred to as inflatable dolls and half dolls.

Half-length dolls, which means that the head and chest are fixed and do not need to be inflated. Half dolls look much better than pure inflatable dolls. Breasts can infuse water, making them more elastic and making them look like real breasts. Half-body dolls are more realistic than pure inflatable dolls and much cheaper than pure inflatable dolls.

TPE or silicone love doll

Adult Solid Sex Doll is currently the most popular sex doll on the market due to its advanced simulation and reasonable price.

Sex Doll is mostly made of TPE or silicone material, which is more realistic than inflatable dolls. Love dolls look much better and more realistic than inflatable dolls. It's like a real person. There is a keel-shaped mechanical frame inside the doll, which can change various poses, which is more realistic than ordinary inflatable dolls. Real dolls and inflatable dolls are not on the same level.

Due to the non-inflatable design of the True Love Doll, it is relatively large in shape and cannot be folded or stored like an inflatable doll. It's a little hard for people to accept now, but it's better for people to gradually open their hearts to Sex Doll. Sex dolls are expensive, but for those who want to pursue a sophisticated Love Doll, sex dolls are a good choice.

AI robot sex doll

True love dolls can no longer meet people's needs. There are already smart doll manufacturers, but the current level of people's demand and consumption is not enough to popularize. Smart sex dolls can talk smart. Warming up, the corners of his mouth moved slightly, and he blinked. Smart dolls are also known as sex robots. This is a breakthrough for today's ordinary love dolls, and also realizes the intelligence of Love Doll.

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