Baking is science and math at the same time. Precision is important if you want to have the best outcome. But when the outcome isn’t favorable you would want to investigate why that happened so you know what to do next time.

Baking a cake, for instance, is quite the challenge. Here are some of the reasons why you might fail in your first cake:

1. The temperature is not right when you started baking

When you see recipes for cakes, you will find instructions on how to preheat your oven. It will tell you what temperature you need to preheat the oven and for how long. It’s important that you stick with this so you can get the best outcome.

If the temperature is too low, the cake might not rise properly. If it’s too high, you might see that a hump has formed on the top portion of the cake or you can see deep cracks. The texture might not also be right if the temperature is too low. It could be runny on the inside or it might have an unwanted coarse texture.

2. You did not cook it long enough

You followed the recipe but still, the outcome is not right. What could be wrong with it? It could be because you took it out of the oven before it cooked through. Ovens don’t heat up or operate the same way so the instructions on the recipe might not work for your type of oven. Try inserting a stick on it. If it comes out clean, it’s already cooked.

3. You used too many dry ingredients

Precision is key when measuring your ingredients. It’s better to use a weighing scale than a measuring cup because there could be nuances to the measurements if you use cups. For instance, if you put too much shortening or baking powder, the cake will not rise enough. If you did not use enough sugar or shortening, it will become too dry and tough.

4. You overloaded the oven

Are you baking other things with the cake? If the pans are too close to each other, there might not be enough space for the heat to circulate and this can lead to uneven cooking. If some parts look overcooked or undercooked, it might be due to this problem.

5. You did not use the right size of pan

You might not have enough batter for the size of the pan and this might also change the way the batter bakes. Make sure you stick with the recommended pan size.

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