NFT Non-fungible tokens are significant digital assets that hold true validation and ownership of digital works. It could be a picture, video, or any item that can have a digital trace. NFTs have grown tremendously ever since they came into space. Though the concept was conceived many years ago when several blockchain enthusiasts outlined the diverse use cases that can emanate from the industry, NFTs gained prominent trends in recent times. 

This is largely attributed to the realization of the usefulness of NFTs in the digital world and its accompanying monetary benefits. However, it leads to one important question, are they here to stay or they’re just a trend passing through the crypto space?

Crypto and blockchain have institutionalized themselves and are here to stay so anything built on this amazing evolving innovation is likewise staying. This includes NFTs. As it can be witnessed in the crypto space, NFTs are everywhere of late both in crypto and in mainstream. They are becoming integrated into the everyday lives of people. 

From people conveniently minting their own NFTs at the comfort of their homes to big corporations using NFTs in different ways. This is also due to the basic functions NFTs play- providing proprietorship and legitimacy of any item that can be stored digitally.

The support of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts- both users and developers also ensure the foreverness of NFTs. There are now so many projects working on NFTs, many being developed and there are several supporters of these projects. Already existing projects have also found ways to integrate NFTs onto their platform and all these expand the NFT ecosystem. 

With the recent evolution of the Metaverse ecosystem and Web3 in crypto, NFTs have more chances to be in space for a very long time. Several other factors give NFTs perpetual characteristics and include the plethora of use cases that have been generated for NFTs.  Play-to-earn utilization in games, NFT Domains, Preservation of digital documents, to name a few are the use cases. 

The further development of marketplaces to boost the monetization of NFTs has also aiding to help make NFTs a lasting g trend. Opensea, Rarible, and a number of others exist to give creators and investors an opportunity to financially gain from NFTs.