The colors of jewelry are very rich. It's a whole different level than the dress. The color of all kinds of textile materials comes from nature, and they are closely related. Therefore, the matching principle of jewelry and clothing is interlinked.

Next, let's show you how to choose the right jewelry according to the color of clothing, so that your style is more distinct and individual.


1.The color of the jewelry should echo the tone of the overall color of the garment

When we choose jewelry, we should pay attention to the color of jewelry to echo the overall color of clothing, which is the most basic collocation principle. When there are many colors in the clothes, the color with a higher proportion can be selected as the base color. Then choose a jewelry color similar to the base color, which is safe to match, so that the whole looks harmonious and elegant.


2.Use bright jewelry brightens a drab dress

When you wear monochrome clothes, you can use contrasting colors to match. For example, a solid color evening dress which is not distinctive, but with this bright necklace, formed a strong contrast effect. The combination of the two plays a mutually beneficial role and enhances the attention of clothes and jewelry. Similarly, when the pattern and color of your clothes are monotonous, you can choose some colorful jewelry to match.


3.Use a folded necklace with a suit outfit

In addition to considering the color and pattern, you can also choose according to the length and special shape of the necklace. For a low-cut suit, you can choose a more exaggerated gold necklace and a soft coin necklace to play the perfect role of the long and short necklace. In general, the overlaying approach enhances the overall sense of weight.

Final word

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