A new report has come from the Google Pixel division. According to these reports, the key player of Google, Rich Osterloh was disappointed with fresh and the new product of Google, which is Google Pixel 4. Even, there was low excitement among the Pixel’s fans, and that is not at all good for the organization as well.

It was alleged that Osterloh was disappointed with small batteries present in that particular smartphone. No doubt, the smartphone has excellent design and specialization. Last year in October, Osterloh expressed this issue during a meeting and before the launch of the smartphone.

According to the estimates, the Pixel 4 is not working well. Pixel 4 is less compatible with the previous version of Google that is Pixel 3. It combines with the lack of enthusiasm for the product from leadership. Two major or significant vital players left the Pixel team quite months ago.

Two key Players left Google Pixel Team

General manager Mario Queiroz, who was working with Google 2005 is the first person who departed the Google Pixel team. It was reported that Google Pixel division was led by Mario Queiroz, who is running this division from the beginning. Even he was part of the first Android launch of Google in 2010, named Nexus One. Now he left the Google Pixel lead.

Marc Levoy is the second individual who left the Google team. He is the one who was responsible for the Pixel Camera. Levoy is an expert in providing computational photography, and it is the reason why the cameras of this company are highly regarded and recommended by the users. He left the organization without any prior announcement.

In the pipeline of Google, there are many more mobile phones that can turn out to be a great relief for the individual. The upcoming project of google will be Google Pixel 4a, which is coming with a better specification.

The Google Pixel 4a was originally to be launched this week, but for now, it has been postponed to early June. These are not confirmed dates; these dates has been assumed from the several reports.

It is still unclear the shake-up of the pixel team, and after the lack of the success of the pixel 4, the expectations from the Google Pixel 4a is high. Due to the Pixel 4 failure, they are not working on any great project.

What is Pixel 4a?

Pixel 4a is the upcoming smartphone powered by Google. It was rumoured that this smartphone might be coming with 5.81 inches touchscreen display of with the resolution of 1080*2340 pixel. It presents with the pixel density of the 443 PPI or pixel per inch. The 4a Pixel might be available with 6 gigabyte RAM. It was also rumoured that the Pixel 4a would be coming with the 10th version of the Android and you can expect non-removable battery of 3080mAh power. The adapter of the Pixel 4a provides a faster charger to your smartphone.


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