A power tiller is an effective farming machine for multiple agricultural tasks. A power tiller is a modern farming tool to make agriculture easier for you. It helps in soil preparation, seed sowing and planting, and broadcasting herbicides, water & fertilisers. Moreover, this implement is fitted with rotary tillers and has two wheels for easier operation. Power tillers come in various categories, including tillage and some famous power tiller brands are VST, Greaves Cotton, Kirloskar and others. Below is a detailed description of a widespread power tiller model in India. VST 130 DI VST 130 DI is a trusted choice for effective tilling tasks and has a Horizontal 4-stroke water-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine / OHV, which generates 4.2 kg-m /1600 RPM. It has a huge fuel tank capacity of 11 litres and 6 forward + 2 reverse gears with optional 2 and 4 speeds. Additionally, it comes with a rotary transmission system, a multiple plate dry disc type clutch, and a hand-operated internal expanding metallic shoe type brake. Along with these tremendous features, the power tiller price is also budget-friendly for farmers and available for Rs. 1.5 lakh in India.  This brilliant machine has 13 HP implement power which provides excellent farm operations. It comprises 150 mm tilling depth and 600 mm tilling width, and 220 mm ploughing depth. Its overall weight is 405 kg and comes with a Condenser Type Thermosiphon cooling system. For more information about tractors, VST power tiller price, Tillage equipment and farming essentials stay tuned with Tractor Junction.