You find that your TP-Link router is not working and hence are unable to use the internet. Then you shall not panic as this article has you covered in this article, you will learn about the possible reasons and then its resolutions. 

Reasons for TP-Link Router Not Working! 

When the internet is not working from the servers itself. 

If your wifi router is not in a good condition or if USB and wires by which your router is working. 

If the password and username are changed and you are not aware of it. 

And there are many other reasons which can lead to TP-Link router not working problems for users. The ways to get it resolved are stated below. 

Resolutions for TP-Link Router Not Working! 

Start by checking the network connection. If not working then you can contact the service provider. 

Check the USB and wires if they are connected properly and if not then you can change and try a new one.  

Enter the correct password if you have changed it.