The period between the fruition of school and school and furthermore between completing of single men degree and beginning bosses is exceptionally difficult and challenging for understudies. In any case, Srinivas University Bangalore makes this agreeable and smooth.

Srinivas University is situated in the Silicon Valley of India.

The Foundation in its bi-decennial achievement serving humanity deals with plenty of establishments and other social help organizations. Excellence is the sign of Srinivas's gathering of schools. 

Best UG College in Bangalore-Srinivas University

Greatness, which will convey proficient labor supply to the business and the country at large. The Group has continually strived to give the best of its employees and cutting-edge offices. The students are energized and upheld not exclusively to succeed in scholastics yet, in addition, to foster their character through co-curricular, extra-curricular, and other expansion activities.

Education isn't simply giving the useful asset of information to the youthful, yet additionally sustaining a moral heart in them to helpfully apply it. Around 12,000 understudies in the 16 schools of the Srinivas bunch spread in three grounds in Pandeshwar, Valachil and Mukka are being ready for life by very capable education and support staff.

The determination of college and course is an extremely essential choice in everybody's life. What's more, this choice ought to be taken after an intensive exploration and investigation of the different choices accessible.

Srinivas University is the best school in Bangalore for higher examinations. They offer the accompanying courses:

B.C.A - Bachelor of Computer Applications

B.B.A - Bachelor of Business Administration

B.COM - Bachelor of Commerce

MCA - Masters of Computer Applications

MBA - Dual Specialisation - Human Resource Management and Marketing

MBA - Dual Specialisation(USA CMA)- Finance and Business Analytics

MBA - Dual Specialisation -Marketing and Finance

MBA - Dual Specialisation -Marketing and Business Analytics


Data Science

With so many worthwhile course decisions accessible at the spearheading instructive organization, Brindavan, you don't need to go elsewhere.

Srinivas University UG College not just guarantees you get the best schooling utilizing cutting-edge methods yet additionally ensures that you turn into a more developed individual. Srinivas University graduates are dependably popular in anything field they decide to succeed in.

Best UG College in Bangalore-Srinivas University

An understudy at Srinivas University is presented to cutting-edge current offices, for example,

1-Internet lab

A web lab with Wi-Fi staff is given to the students to peruse, investigate and become familiar with the most recent approaches to getting things done. It likewise helps then, at that point, gain extra information about their subject at the snap of a finger.

2-Canteen and cafeteria

The school has a very much kept and clean cafeteria and container with a sound and invigorating that gives food at sensible rates.

3-Web webpage

The school has its own site that can be gotten to by the students as well as their folks to keep track j of their participation as well as other significant turns of events and declarations by the school.

Best UG College in Bangalore-Srinivas University

4-Health care focus

The medical services community takes care of students' clinical checkups and other quick clinical requirements.