According to the late post news, Pinduoduo is preparing a cross-border e-commerce platform, the application is expected to be launched in mid-September, the first stop is the United States, the model will follow China's largest cross-border e-commerce independent station Sheln, is attracting investment in all categories. This is another "touchstone" project of Pinduoduo in following Duoduo's "exploding pyramid tip". Now, cross-border projects have become the new "touchstone" of Pinduoduo, following Duoduo's purchase of vegetables, Pinduoduo has not carried out new business that excites employees and the market, and cross-border projects have also excited many employees.

Previously, on August 13, Tmall Taobao launched a "cross-border supply platform". After the merchant signs the contract with the platform, the goods of its Tmall Taobao store will be synchronized to the cross-border supply platform to start the overseas business. On August 15, cross-border payment service provider Lian Lian International announced that it has expanded its cross-border digital payment platform to the Uk and provided loan support to customers.Many domestic e-commerce platforms in China have set their sights on overseas markets.More and more market themes are taking advantage of this gathering to achieve "buy the world, sell the world".

The butterfly that instigated the development of cross-border e-commerce caused a huge wave of development and change in China's cross-border e-commerce. More and more Chinese cross-border e-commerce brands are stepping on the waves,In particular, Jewelrykg, a brand of NEWGLAMOUR CO., LTD ( JUNSHENG, co-founder of the well-known and leading knowledge payment platform "Qian chat", led the original team to carry out the brand overseas project and create a unique jewelry brand called DTC.

The company pioneered the business model of "selling on the pound" for overseas market users, and realized the F2B2C (Factory to Business to Customers) link to empower consumers by integrating the cost and quality advantages of Chinese manufacturing in the field of small and medium-sized commodities.

In the past, the "selling on the pound" model was not uncommon, but there was a lack of a platform-level company to regulate and fulfill the contract, and jewelrykg played such a role. Jewelrykg team of more than 500 people, through the jewelry sorting, classification, processing, labeling, repacking and other processes, the inventory jewelry sorting into a unit that can be used, matched to overseas and foreign enterprise users, enterprise users through the can be centralized procurement. Jewelrykg's unique overseas warehouse ensures that the corresponding goods can be delivered to customers on time and efficiently.

The kilogram sales model of jewelry is an innovation in the jewelry industry. Will it become the norm in the future, or will it just copy the foreign toy sales method mechanically, which is just a commercial gimmick?

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