A new outbreak of neocrown pneumonia

brings challenges and tests to children's normal summer holiday routine

poses challenges and tests.

During the epidemic prevention and control, the

Some children's emotions may be affected.

How can we help children cope with宣明會助養兒童 their emotions and

How can we help children cope with their emotions and make better psychological adjustment?

As the current outbreak involves children and staff in schools, some parents and children may feel anxious and fearful, and may experience emotional problems. So, here's how parents can help their children cope with the new pneumonia outbreak


Parents should first maintain emotional stability, create a safe 宣明會助養兒童and harmonious atmosphere, and guard their children's inner sense of trust and security, without excessive anxiety and tension.


Parents should ensure that their children have a reasonable work and rest schedule and arrange appropriate time for learning, games and home exercises for their children every day. For example, you can take 20 to 30 minutes to read interesting books that are suitable for the child's age, read stories to the child, do indoor gymnastic exercises and make small crafts with the child, so that the child can burst with pleasure from the heart and dispel anxiety and panic.


Parents should follow up on the epidemic prevention information, 宣明會助養兒童pay attention to the protection of children, and keep a gentle attitude towards children's questions about the epidemic, diseases or deaths, without avoiding or being shy, and give appropriate answers according to children's age and comprehension.


Parents should ensure that children do not use electronic products excessively or watch television for long periods of time, especially not excessive use of cell phones to watch videos. Particular attention should be paid to the following issues: firstly, attention should be paid to children's visual health, secondly, children should be protected from the interference of undesirable information, and thirdly, attention should be paid to prevent children from falling into online game addiction.


For children with severe irritability and inner fear, parents should be more patient and accompanying, touching and hugging more, relieving children's tension through a pleasant parent-child relationship, and also calling the psychological counseling hotline of Zhuhai education system, which is composed of a professional team of mental health education in Zhuhai direct schools.

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