China’s   wholesale jewelry  manufacturing capabilities have been widely praised by international enterprises. Many global jewelry wholesalers prefer to outsource wholesale jewelry production to Chinese suppliers. So, How to avoid unreliable Chinese wholesale jewelry suppliers?

For the above reasons, China’s wholesale jewelry suppliers have become the first choice of many jewelers. However, not all of them can provide you with quality products and services. It is not advisable to choose a supplier at random, which can lead to huge losses for you. So what kind of Chinese bulk jewelry suppliers should you avoid?

  • Liars

You should focus on preventing this from happening. You’ve probably heard of a lot of people getting scammed during purchase, so, to reduce your risk, you should do a thorough investigation of your supplier. For example, their addresses, phone numbers, reviews, partners, social media accounts, etc.

  • Customized service

In general, if your order quantity is small, many suppliers may not be willing to provide you with customized services like packages and labels. However, there are some reliable Chinese suppliers such as Jewelrykg that can provide you with product and packaging design services

  • Quality and quantity

When there are problems with your jewelry quality and quantity, that can be very frustrating. This is especially common when you buy wholesale. Because many wholesalers will sell your defective products in order to earn more money. So, you should pay highly attention to this.

Have you ever thought about how to achieve the highest cost effectiveness by wholesale? In fact, you can try to change the wholesale purchase method.

I’m sure the name Jewelrykg is familiar to you. Jewelrykg, a Chinese jewelry wholesale company gaining great popularity in recent years, has risen to the top of the list mainly because of its new sales model: jewelry wholesale by weight.

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