You've probably read a lot of essay writing guides. However, it's rare that mistakes don't get repeated in your essays. This is when students rush after tools like Essay Typer. 

Unfortunately, even then, you won't get satisfactory results.  But, to reduce the mistakes in your essays, you first need to recognise them. 

Unless you learn from your mistakes, you will blindly rely on tools like Essaybot or Essay Typerwhich will leave you nowhere, but with insufficient essay writing skills. Hence, to bring awareness to your essay writing, experts have mentioned here the common mistakes found in most students' essays - 


Using Incorrect or Generic Titles

The essay's title should be a reflection of its content. 

When someone reads the title, they should have an idea of what the essay will cover. 

So, if you present them with a non-related topic, your readers will be enticed to read something you do not have, which will not leave a good impression. Also, avoid using a generic title.  

Adding too many arguments

When your professors instruct you to defend your thesis with strong arguments, you must present additional facts and cases. However, students take this literally and write down as many facts, statistics, and quotes as they can. 

If you're writing a standard 5-paragraph essay, you should have three main points. Don't make the paper more difficult by including unrelated statements just to make the thesis statement more credible.  


In education and academia, plagiarism is a serious offence. So, when you are expected to use various sources to support your thesis statement and arguments, always include proper citations. In fact, paraphrasing is similar to plagiarising others' content. All examiners often use plagiarism detection software to ensure that your work is free of plagiarism. 

If you are caught engaging in academic dishonesty, you will face serious consequences. Hence, when writing an essay, you should take a unique approach and use various sources to back up your statements. 

Ambiguous Introduction & Conclusion

Introduce the main concepts and present the thesis statement in the first paragraph, while the conclusion should restate the thesis and summarise your main points. Even though this seems simple, most students often repeat the introduction in conclusion. 

Instead, what you must do is restate your argument, but also add your findings. You can also add takeaway points as a part of your conclusion. 

Ignoring professors' instructions

So your teacher assigned you to ghost writers an essay of 800 words, but the research paper topic piqued your interest, and you didn't have anything else to do, so you chose to write a full-length research paper? 

This will not earn you any extra points. If you cannot follow the instructions, you are risking your chance of getting good grades. 

Skipping the stages of post-essay writing

Your task isn't finished just because you completed writing your essay. If you directly submit your copy without checking, you are submitting it with unintentional spelling and grammatical mistakes. Hence, take a break from your task and try to re-evaluate what you have written.  Use Grammar Checker Tool To Avoid grammatical mistakes

The mentioned mistakes above are quite prevalent in most essay copies. So, follow this blog and prevent them from beginning your writing.

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