Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra brings a new area, Mirror of Kalandra, a rare poe currency that allows players to create mirror copies of items. New areas bring new challenges, creatures players can fight, loot to collect, changes to endgames, and more.

The Lake of Kalandra expansion pack has classes being balanced, endgames have been improved again, and new skills and support gems will be available. Even some rare monsters will be improved in the expansion pack. Players will get currency items including POE Exalted Orbs & Chaos Orbs for killing monsters, and if you are lucky, Mirror of Kalandra is also possible.

New POE Challenge League

Lake of Kalandra will take you to the mysterious eponymous region to battle the reflections of Wraeclast in the world of PoE. You can use the Mirrored Tablets you find while exploring the world to customize encounters in the lake, change difficulty, and more.

Players can choose what kind of encounter they want while touring the lake and can choose to banish, skip, or reselect options. Endgame will let you save your customized Tablet as an item that you can carry around and trade.

After completing the challenge, you can choose the item you want to "reflect". Rings that provide +135 health will be reflected as rings with -135 health, and so on. You can choose what to bring with you on your trip. Players can keep crappy items for a chance to turn them into something useful for their builds.

Lake of Kalandra – Endgame Trickster changes

Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra has some improvements to endgames and a specific question category. Boosts defense and gives you the advantage of maneuvering speed. The "One Step Ahead" option in Ascendancy slows enemies around you and gives you an inescapable speed boost. You can also see more including "thematically appropriate defenses."

In the endgame, memory items contain the memories of some key NPCs, which the player can talk to with the NPC in a new dialogue option. For example Kirac, Niko, or Alva. You apply memory to completed maps on the atlas, lead to nearby map exploration, and experience the past experiences of these characters that will bring serious challenges and great rewards.

More on Lake of Kalandra

There is a lot more to POE Lake of Kalandra. Only when players explore, will they know the specific changes and experience these exciting expansion packs for themselves. In the process of exploration, to save more valuable time for you, you can go to to Buy POE Exalted Orbs service, which is safe, convenient, and reassuring at a reasonable price.