Grinding Gear Games recently released a FAQ for the recently announced Path of Exile Harvest Alliance. They say so.

As a quick reminder, Harvest League will debut on June 19. The issues range from seed piles to garden equipment purchase to POE Currency process selection. One of the most insightful tricks in information may come from questions about Harvest production and whether it benefits low-level players.

Soon, the answer is yes. The answer is expanded, explaining that taking care of your garden as soon as possible will benefit all characters. They even provide an example, "For example, Sublime Orb is a powerful currency item, usually only available in the final game. Some Harvest crafts allow you to effectively upgrade POE Items with specific mods, for example, to increase physics on items modifier."

Please note that POE Trade is actually very rare. Therefore, if the team gives up too many things early, their value will naturally decline, "However, we can give many'physical rewards' through Harvest at an early stage, because they can only be used for lower-level items, not for pairs. Endgame items have no effect. At the last minute, "physical rewards" become rare again, because their value increases exponentially as they affect more items."