Loan to buy a house is the hope of many home buyers for housing, and today many people have to choose the way to pay for a loan when buying a house, but home buyers may not apply for a mortgage for various reasons, or the actual loan amount is lower than their expectations. This situation is actually very common, so what factors will affect the loan amount? Next, I'll give you an analysis.

1, the age of the borrower

The bank has requirements for the age of the borrower, not that minors and elderly people can apply for a home loan, the bank review loan is usually required to borrowers aged 18-65 years old, of which 25-40 years old is the more popular group, followed by 18-25 years old, 40-50 years old, 40-50 years old, and 18 years old. The second most popular group is the 18-25 year olds and 40-50 year olds. If the borrower is between 50-65 years old, it will be more difficult to apply for a home loan.

2. Borrower's occupation

The income certificate provided by the borrower when 結餘轉戶信貸評級applying for a mortgage needs to clearly state that the borrower is engaged in what home ownership, the borrower's occupation will also have a certain impact on the application for a mortgage, such as civil servants, teachers, doctors, lawyers, certified public accountants, such people are classified by banks as high-quality customers, these professions are more likely to get a loan.

3、Borrower's personal credit

Borrowers with good credit will have a smooth application for a mortgage, but there are also borrowers with good credit who are rejected by the bank when applying for a mortgage. Generally speaking, there is a bad credit history, there are many times the loan overdue behavior, such borrowers in the application for loans is very difficult to pass.

4、The age of the house

For people who take out a loan to buy a second home, the bank will also review the second home when applying for a mortgage. The bank will check the age of the house when approving the second home loan. If the house is too old, you will not be able to get a large loan, and the chances of getting a loan are very low. The older the house is, the less valuable it is and the less residual value it has. If a borrower wants to take out a loan to buy a house that is older, the bank is not willing to give a high loan amount.

5、Proof of personal income

We all know that income proof is very important for people who take out a loan to buy a house, and banks will scrutinize the borrower's income proof when they review the borrower's information. The level of personal income is a measure of the borrower's ability to repay the loan, so the higher the borrower's income, the higher the corresponding loan amount will be. Normally the monthly payment will not be greater than 50% of the borrower's monthly income. Therefore, when the bank finds that the borrower's economic situation is not ideal or high debt, it will reduce the loan amount to ensure that the borrower can pay the monthly payment on time.

6、Personal criminal record

Banks have a strict review of people with criminal records, especially borrowers who want to buy a house with a loan, if they have a criminal record, it is more difficult to apply for a mortgage, such as being prosecuted for debt disputes, having a criminal or bad record, etc. The personal credit of such people will be recognized as zero, and banks have the right to refuse to lend for them.

The above is about what factors will affect the loan amount, so for home buyers with loan needs, before buying a house should keep their good credit record, never too much to check their credit history, which is necessary, and secondly, when choosing a second-hand house try not to pick a second-hand house that is older.

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