Combine harvesters are one of the greatest innovations in agriculture. It saves a lot of time & covers the wide land area for collecting ripened crops from fields. Compared to manual harvesting, modern harvesting machines help speed up the process of harvesting and help prepare the field in a shorter duration for the next crop cycle.


Looking for top-selling harvesters under budget? Kubota is a leading combine harvester manufacturer that has launched its self-propelled harvester Kubota HARVESKING DC-68G-HK to ease up the process of reaping, threshing, and winnowing on any farm field and soil quality. Kubota harvester price is quite affordable given the features & performance it delivers on the field.




Let’s look at some of the features that in itself explain why Kubota HARVESKING DC-68G-HK is a perfect choice for harvesting activities.


Kubota HARVESKING DC-68G-HK Features - Why is it worth the price?


  • The Kubota harvester has a high fuel capacity of 60 liters.
  • It offers efficient speed as it offers the power of 68 Hp.
  • It has a water-cooled 4-cycle vertical diesel engine with a turbocharged engine.
  • It gives precise functionality as it has a 900x1903 mm cutter bar.
  • It has an average grain discharge time of 90 seconds.


The Kubota harvester is the best investment for Indian farmers looking to reduce their labour and multiply farming output. You can inquire about the latest Kubota harvester price from dealers nearby!