Writing a CDR requires you to write 3 career episodes. Without them, your CDR will be incomplete, and the authority, Engineers Australia will not consider your report. Therefore, knowing how to write effective career episodes is a must for you. Taking this fact into account, we have written this to familiarize you with format to write best the Career Episode Report Engineers Australia. So, read this blog to have a clear idea of this to enhance the quality of your CDR. However, before you know that, first, know what a career episode in a CDR is.

What is the career episode report Engineers Australia?

The career episode is the most important part of a CDR. it allows candidates to show their skills, knowledge, competency and work in the engineering field. EA checks their capability through career episodes for a skill migration visa.

Engineers Australia asks you to submit three career episodes to prove your competency. Here, you must remember that you need to choose three different projects for three career episodes. The projects you choose must allow you to show your engineering competency.

Having given a basic idea of what a career episode is, we are now about to tell you about its format.

Career episode format:

Write your career episode report in the style of an essay instead of a table. Each of the three career episodes you write must follow the below-given format to enhance the quality of your CDR Australia:


You need to write the introduction in nearly 100 words. This part will introduce the reader to the career episodes, and it must include information like:

The duration and dates of the career episode

The location where you earned the experience

The name of the organization

The job position title


This part is to be written in nearly 200 to 500 words. It gives momentum to the report and establishes the context in which you have been learning or working. It consists of elements like:

The idea of the engineering project

The project’s objectives

The idea of your work area

A graph of the authoritative structure that features your position, about the career episode

A statement of your responsibilities (you need to give an official responsibility statement)

Personal engineering activity:

The part of the career episode report Engineers Australia is written in nearly 500 to 1000 words. It is the most quantitative element. Here, you need to describe in full the legitimate job you performed. Give a description of what you achieved before describing the way you did it. It is not sufficient to describe the actions of a group or team; you must distinguish your individual work. In this section, you must include the below-given items:

The way you applied your engineering skills and knowledge

The projects you were given, and the way you achieved them

Specific technical problems you had, and how you sorted them out

Any unique or inventive design work

How you worked in collaboration with other workfellows


You need to write the summary in nearly 50 to100 words. This part highlights your thoughts about engineering and your role within it. It must consist of the following elements:

Your point-of-view on the whole project

How the task assisted in fulfilling the objectives

The way your skills contributed to the project

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