The engineer who dreams of migrating to Australia as an EA-approved engineer has to submit a CDR Report. Now, you must be wondering what it is and why it is required. The answer to this question lies in this blog, in addition, we will also tell you about the components of a CDR.

What is a CDR report, and why is it required for the Engineers Australia assessment?

A CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) allows an engineer to demonstrate their engineering competency to Engineers Australia. The assessment authority, Engineers Australia requires an engineer to satisfy all the applicable requirements. However, most candidates are unable to do, as they don’t have a clear idea of how to do everything necessary to write a CDR. Besides that, such candidates also don’t take professional CDR report help out of overconfidence. Therefore, the first thing is to have a clear idea of the components of a CDR. To know them, read below.

Components of a CDR report:

The following are the essential sections to prepare an effective CDR:

1. Personal information:

Your personal information comprises the following components:

Passport-sized photo (35mm*45mm)

Name change proof papers like marriage certificate

English language proficiency exam

Most updated resume

Primary identifying ID like the bio-date page of your passport


2. Application information:

The first thing to do is to decide which engineering career you want to make your career in. After that, in the registration phase, here you must provide documentation proof of any professional registration. If having any confusion, then hire CDR report writers.

3. Education:

You need to send your academic credentials, transcripts and the like. You must give all of your engineering credentials. If enrolled in a continuing educational program, you need to provide your enrollment letter and transcripts, if feasible.

4. Skilled Employment:

You must show thorough work experience. If your career episode is based on professional engineering expertise, you need to provide a reference letter from your company. On the other hand, if requesting a suitably skilled employment evaluation, provide main and secondary document verification.

5. CDR Report:

This category has three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development and a Summary Statement.

You need to present Continuing Professional Development in the form of a table. Details like official postgraduate studies, conferences, seminars and the like are included. It’s wise to take CDR writing help if having any confusion.

The career episode must represent the unique time of your engineering work. It must lay stress on your project roles and targets. Each section of the career episode shows your knowledge and competency in your selected profession. Your writing should be used for the content. Here, you must remember that if your content is plagiarized, then it will face rejection.

The format of a career episode:

Introduction: it consists of the duration, date, location and organization name.

Background: it consists of engineering activity, project objectives, the nature of your work area, a chart showing your organization’s structure and position and your responsibilities.

Personal engineering activity consists of engineering activities detailing what you attained and how you attained it. You may also include technological issues, collaboration, tactics and so forth.

Summary: This part summarizes your total activity.

The summary statement reflects of study of career episodes. It connects your competency elements to the related paragraph in your Career Episodes. You need to produce a single summary statement for each of your three career episodes. Each of the competency components must be filled by the corresponding engineering discipline.

PE1 knowledge and skillset

Engineering application ability at the PE2 level

PE3 personal and professional characteristics

6. Submission of the report:

When you complete all necessary paperwork, submit your application to Engineers Australia for assessment.