Bulk SMS marketing can help build long lasting customer relationships. If you wish that your business needs to grow, it can only be possible if you cherish your most valuable asset, i.e. your customers. Many methods exist today to set up communication with your customers. A majority of these methods need to be done in the right way, in addition to demanding your maximum efforts and time. This means that managing customer relationships is a huge task for businesses that need help in this regard. An automated process such as CRM is a technology that easily integrates itself with marketing, sales, technical support and customer service.    

In the present age, businesses and their economic performances are impacted by two things; one is customer satisfaction and the other is user experience. To understand your customers you need to walk in their shoes and understand their needs, queries effectively, apart from keeping your customers clued up with regular conversations to retain their loyalty. 

The ideal way to manifest enduring relationships’ with customers is face to face communication but majority of businesses do not have the time and much resources to make this effort every day, implying it is a difficult task to achieve. This is the reason why a majority of businesses need right technology like bulk SMS marketing to build most personalized customer relationships for long term. 

Bulk SMS marketing is an excellent tool that enables businesses to build long enduring customer relationships with huge customer base quickly. Today, most of the individuals are mobile users, even in remote areas. In this backdrop, it can be said that SMS can be a common mode of communication regardless of geographic location. 

Bulk SMS marketing is easy and straight forward method to help the general public understand important information. Even though technology is so advanced, you can still rely on bulk SMS marketing to be the fastest, reliable and affordable service. 

Commonly, SMS can connect your business with your any target audience located anywhere around the world. This is the reason why bulk SMS marketing is so popular and most widely preferred marketing tool for customer outreach

Bulk SMS marketing is convenient method for businesses to communicate with customers since SMS is something that works on any handset, any network and in any language worldwide.    

How Can Bulk SMS Service Help Build Long Lasting Customer Relationships?

Bulk SMS marketing is flawless method that you can use for managing customer engagement, brand building as well as brand loyalty. This is because research has shown that compared to emails, SMS have 98 percent open and read rate, which no other marketing strategy can provide.  

Bulk SMS marketing is a beneficial and favorable mode of customer engagement in few seconds. At the same time, the ROI of using bulk SMS services is very high as its initial investment is very less, that can be easily measured. 

Bulk SMS marketing is highly effective method of targeting a wide audience precisely that can generate revenue for your business. Customers can build great rapport with your business using bulk SMS marketing service once their issues are answered or once they are provided with information they need. This will result in customers spreading a good word of mouth about your business in the long term. Listed below are four different ways bulk SMS marketing helps build customer relationships; 

1. Reward your customers for their loyalty 

Once you determine who your most loyal customers are, you can always send personalized messages through bulk SMS marketing to them regarding many offers, discounts, loyalty programs, etc. Sending personalized messages will not only help in gaining loyalty of customers but also strengthen the relationship you have with them. You can even organize special campaigns for your loyal customers. 

2. Best customer care tool

Bulk SMS marketing is the best tool for customer care. You can send any information such as that pertaining to your products, services, manuals, etc to your customers through bulk SMS marketing.  You can also understand customer interests and needs accordingly provide them the valuable information they need. 

3. Quick Feedback Generation 

Since SMS takes only few seconds to reach your target audience, it is the fastest tool available for feedback generation as well. By sending SMS surveys to your customers, you can get the knowledge about user experience regarding your products and services and thereby improve them for better usage. When you opt for a 2 way bulk sms marketing service it is indeed a win-win situation for both the customers as well as your business! 

4. Timely Delivery of Information

Once customers make a purchase of your product or service, you can inform them about the same on a timely basis.  Not only this, bulk SMS marketing allows you to update them about your latest offers, promotions, announcements etc. For example if you run an ecommerce business, you can keep your customers informed and alerted about the orders, tracking information, etc.  


Bulk SMS marketing is a highly successful marketing tool that a business can employ to send mass communication in few seconds. Office24by7 Technologies bulk SMS marketing service is fast, reliable and affordable service. If you are looking for bulk SMS providers, we are the best bulk SMS service providers in India. 

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