There are many types of file cabinets on the market, according to different materials, there are steel file cabinets, solid wood file cabinets, plastic file cabinets and so on.

Solid wood file cabinets were very popular on the market before, but wooden file cabinets have a big disadvantage that they are prone to mildew caused by moisture, and the price of solid wood file cabinets is too high, so few people have chosen solid wood file cabinets. The plastic file cabinets are not long-lived, lighter, and less safe. The most important thing is that if you buy a plastic file cabinet produced by a bad manufacturer, it will also affect your health.

Steel filing cabinets are best for office use. Now the technology of making steel file cabinets is getting higher and higher, and the products produced are becoming more and more perfect. It can be said that the advantages of steel file cabinets are very obvious, such as fire protection, moisture resistance, impact resistance, long service life, easy maintenance, and green environmental protection products. These advantages can not be combined with other file cabinets. Moreover, the appearance of steel file cabinets is also very beautiful. Now many manufacturers support custom file cabinets. Enterprises can customize suitable file cabinets according to the decoration style.

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