Most of the youngsters in India prefer to work in foreign countries. The main reason behind those notions is that foreign countries offer better employment opportunities, exposure, salary and benefits to the job seekers than in their own home country. Indian engineers get better employment opportunities in foreign countries.

If you are an engineer who is planning to immigrate abroad for a job, then you need to complete many immigration procedures before leaving your home country. The most important process among those immigration procedures is certificate attestation. To get your work visa, you need to submit certain documents before the foreign authorities. You are also required to submit the educational documents to the employer to verify your credentials.

Therefore, you need to attest your engineering certificate from the country where it was issued. The document is attested with an official seal and signature that confirms that the document was issued by the mentioned department. An attested engineering certificate helps to legalize your documents to use in foreign countries. The main attestation process for engineers is

HRD attestation: You have to attest your engineering certificate from the state where you completed your education.

MEA attestation: After state attestation, the documents are attested from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Embassy attestation: Finally, you need to attest the document from the embassy of the country you are intending to travel.

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