iphone 11 price in kenya is 17,000 shillings (nearly $240 USD) up from 14,900 shillings. the 16GB version is still the same price as other models. there are different memory options like 32GB or 64GB as well. the biggest advantage for the 11s is its dual-lens camera. this is similar to the camcorder feature in the 8s but is only in the 11s. this feature allows you to zoom in and have 2-way photo taking. what makes this camera so amazing is the 12MP f1.8 1/2.9" sensor and the 2nd 10MP f2.2 2160 x 30 " monochrome sensor that lets you adjust the white balance. it's a very useful feature, especially for selfies and the darker areas of the images when taking landscape shots. iphone 11 camera quality iphone 11 color and design iphone 11 battery life iphone 11 price in Kenya iphone 11 accessories Black color is the most popular for the new model, and it can be yours at the source link below. as you can see on our iPhone 11 unboxing, the smartphone is rather stylish. other colors will be coming in future, but for now, there are three colors to choose from. we have black, silver, and gold colors. we should also see a rose. https://smartworldkenya.com/product/apple-iphone-11-kaf39