Solarlight A Solarlight is an artificial bulb, used for low light indoor and outdoors lighting. They were first developed in 1957 by Irving Langmuir, who formed the Solar Electric Light Company with Hyman Karp, to manufacture these bulbs.[4] They have since become popular due to their low cost and small size. Solar light bulbs may be on the market or a retrofit that replaces a standard incandescent light bulb to replace the halogen, fluorescent, CFL and LED lights, may allow natural light to supplement electric light in a room. In this manner it is capable of eliminating use of the earth's ozone layer and while giving off less heat. This bulb is considered as one of the most environmentally friendly for the average consumer due to its affordability. Example [ edit ] When white light is the only source of light a single nichrome wire in the lamp socket with a filament of tungsten-halogen (a narrow band of white light approximately 1000 nm in wavelength) has a power density of 400 watts per meter cubed.[5] This is enough power to generate 1.05 W·h/m² (220 lm/W·h) of white light.[6] A halogen bulb has an even greater power density of up to 2 W·h/m² (590 lm/W·h) (up to 2.5 W·h/m² for a halogen bulb), producing green (485 lm/W·h