chrome bopp labels IE6 Addon Which is the worst IE version? The browser you are using should be the default browser for your site. You will get by as long as you are familiar with the various versions of IE and know how to customize your browser. But if you are designing an advanced responsive website, make sure that you choose one of the latest versions. How do I ensure that my customers can access my site? Know how to create a site that will support all the different browsers. Also read: Hiring for Experienced Web Developers: A Definitive Guide Mozilla and Opera vs. Google Different browsers give you different features. Your site should be designed to work with each of these browsers. When you’re selecting a browser, don’t rely on how fast your computer is, but rather on how the browser is intended to work. Opera (starts at about $90): Fast on most systems, and so much more than just an email browser. You can search your FTP server by entering