Hydraulic vane pumps are hydraulic pumps that operate at very low noise levels. Hydraulic vane pumps operate with much lower flow pulsations (ie constant flow). In this way, the noise generated by the vane pump is small, while maintaining a relatively high speed of up to 3,000 rpm. Small hydraulic vane pumps (such as Parker Denison T7A or T7B) with a displacement of 50 cc and a maximum speed of 3600 rpm at intermittent hydraulic system pressures up to 300 bar The Hydraulic Vane Pumps is a hydraulic pump that runs at a low flow rate to reduce the noise level. Hydraulic vane pumps can be used in industrial die casting and injection molding machines as well as land and road construction machinery. The working pressure of vane pumps usually does not exceed 180-210 bar. However, in specially designed vane pumps, the working pressure may exceed 200 bar, up to 300 bar. Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machine Co , Ltd . was established in 1993, is a professional large-scale high-performance hydraulic vane pump manufacturer. Our company has a provincial high-tech enterprise R & D center. Professional production and supply of vane pump products such as hydraulic vane pumps andV/Vq Series Vane Pumps in China. Our products are widely used in cutting, plastics, forging, engineering, leather, pressure, metallurgy, agriculture, transportation machinery and machine tools, hydraulic stations, automatic production lines and other fields. Follow us to learn about related product information and technical information: https://www.china-vanepump.com/