Silhouette slimming workout

The holidays will soon be over, and with them the time when we allowed ourselves too much. On holiday, you certainly didn't run to the gym every day. On top of that, more than once you found yourself reaching for a grilled sausage, a juicy burger or a large ice cream. Perhaps you are now feeling the effects of that holiday diet.... It's high time to get back to normal.

However, before you switch your body back to its old ways, you need to develop a strategy. Your body will not immediately catch on to its old rhythm. Firstly, you need to get back to regular physical activity, and secondly, you need to implement a healthy diet based on quality meals eaten unhurriedly.

Personal trainers advise that you should not limit yourself to just one type of workout. It is best to combine elements specific to cardio training with weight training exercises. If you were running to the gym five times a week before your holiday, you will certainly find it difficult to get into the same rhythm after a period of blissful laziness. 

In addition, training too intensively after a period of inactivity can result in injury, or at best soreness. So warm up slowly, limit the number of training sessions to three and don't demand too much of yourself at the beginning.

You will ensure your return to a beautiful figure not only through muscle power, but also through willpower. Your diet must be sensible and consistent. Break your holiday habits - late breakfast and evening snacking, give up sweets and calorie-laden drinks. Compose your menu so that you regularly provide yourself with all the necessary nutrients. 

Especially as autumn is approaching, your sluggish body will need a large dose of energy. Eat more often, but smaller portions - ideally 5 times a day. Don't forget about fruit and vegetables. Surely you are aware that well-chosen meals served at set times are an even greater part of your success than breaking a sweat at the gym.