Learn how to lower high cholesterol - natural methods

How often do you hear that cholesterol is a dangerous offender for our body? What are you doing about it so that you lead a healthy lifestyle and don't end up in a situation where cholesterol takes over your body and starts to torment you.

While you start to lower cholesterol, it would be good to be aware that the level of cholesterol in food has no great influence on its level in the blood. Cholesterol is furthermore obtained in the liver.  However, you need to make dietary changes in order to lower high cholesterol when it is too high, to normalise the ratio between good and bad cholesterol, and to strengthen the cardiovascular system, which is decisive in the progression of atherosclerosis. 

You can acquire all this by minimising the consumption of animal foods and using some very important principles. These are easy ways that each of us can insert into our menus.

You can start by reducing your consumption of animal products, e.g. fried meat, fatty meats. And also reduce the eating of dairy-based foods such as sweet pastries, highly processed and preserved products. Start using olive oil instead of margarine and butter. The above-described products have an adverse effect on the condition of the blood vessels.

Omega3 fatty acids stabilise the concentration of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the blood, while increasing HDL levels. The highest amounts of the unsaturated fatty acid are found in marine fish (salmon, herring, halibut, mackerel). The uses of vitamin C are innumerable. The kind of non-apparent vitamin to which everyone has probably been sceptical.After all, vitamin C has always been taken for colds, flu, weakness. 

You will be shocked when I say that vitamin C is a very important task among all vitamins, which is required for the cardiovascular system to be in excellent working order. However, we are anxious to get rid of the difficulties with cholesterol and to protect our health from dangerous diseases, e.g. atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke. 

Provide your body with vitamin C, which will cause the form of blood vessels to return to its normal state. Garlic has fantastic benefits that help lower cholesterol. It has a substance such as allicin in it, thanks to which we are able to reduce cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure.