How often do you resort to ‘forgot password’? Chills run down your spine as soon as ‘invalid password’ flashes on your screen? Managing the keys to all your accounts can be exhausting and perplexing. While one can blame themselves over their ‘goldfish memory’, using Yahoo Mail Password Recovery Tool can fix the situation within seconds. Check out exactly How to Recover Yahoo Email password

Step-1: Go to Yahoo Sign-in Helper

Visit Yahoo’s Sign-In Helper page or simple click ‘forgot password’ at the sign-in page. You’re redirected to a page that lets you enter details related to your Yahoo Email account.

Step-2: Entering Account Recovery Items

The page further asks you to enter details associated with your Yahoo Email account. One can enter their sign-in email address or mobile number, recovery phone number, or recovery email address. 

Step-3: Confirmation 

A confirmation link or verification code is sent to the account recovery item of your choice. Entering the code or clicking on the link redirects you to a new page. 

Step-4: New Password Setup 

Et Voilà. You can finally create a new password for your Yahoo Email Account. 

How to Recover Yahoo Email Password

Password Armor

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A password recovery tool can destroy the chances of phishing and hacking by tenfold. Password Armor assists you in safeguarding passwords for a variety of platforms like- Social Media, Email, Microsoft Windows, Device Software, Cloud Platform, Gaming, and other online websites. 


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