Solis tractor brand is the worldwide tractor brand of International tractor restricted, which was rebranded and named Solis tractors in India in December 2018. Solis tractors are known in India for their four-point of support hypothesis, which portrays their genuine abilities and ultra astonishing elements or details that place them at the highest point of the farmer's list of things to get for tractor buys. Dependability, Responsibility, Efficiency, and Quality are the four mainstays of the solis scaled down Tractor. The famous tractors are Solis 6024 S, Solis 5015 E, Solis 2516 SN, Solis 4515 E, Solis 4215 E and Solis 5015 E 2WD/4WD tractors .Solis tractors have motor limits going from 20 to 110 hp, which is viewed as the best and generally productive for cultivating and business utilizes.


Solis tractor is one of only a handful of exceptional kinds of tractors that is great by its own doing, whether with regards to configuration, solace, or framework. Discussing Solis tractor includes, the Solis tractor price In India begins with Rs 5 lakhs and is effectively reasonable. Solis tractor Prices start at Rs 6.30 lakhs* in India, making them very practical and financial plan well disposed for farmers. Solis tractor Prices could be lower than this gauge, contingent upon advertising factors and the organization's dynamic cycles.