A few years ago while I was on holiday in Italy I first tasted tomaatbruschetta and they were fab. We were staying in the hills in Tuscany and there was this little town that we used to visit each evening. We found a little restaurant with a balcony that looked over the Italian countryside. So when I got back  I decided I would have to have a go and create my own.

Tomato Bruschettas

Tomato Bruschettas make a great starter to an Italian meal, and I have received many compliments from my friends and family. They are also a great snack that you can make at any time and are very quick and easy to prepare.

Pick High-Quality Tomatoes

What will make these Bruschettas even better is if you take the time to grow your own tomatoes? Homegrown tomatoes are brilliant particularly if you go and pick them from your own garden. They are so fresh and the taste is really delicious especially if you compare them to the ones you buy from the Supermarket.

Make a cross-cut with a sharp knife at the top of the tomatoes. Then place each of the tomatoes in a bowl of boiling water and leave them for just a minute before removing them. You will then need to remove the skins.

Chop the Tomatoes

Chop them roughly and leave them to cool to one side. At this point, you can add different flavorings. I suggest Basil or Oregano to the mixture. I am a great believer in growing my own herbs as well. I use an old beer barrel cut in half that I got from the local garden center. Like the tomatoes, the tastes of homegrown herbs are so much stronger than from the shop. I find I only need half the amount of herbs that I would normally need to use.

Take your Ciabatta or French baton

Take your Ciabatta or French baton and toast each slice under the grill or on a griddle if you fancy a stripy effect. You then need to brush your toasted Ciabatta or baton with virgin olive oil and rub your cut garlic over the surface of the toast. Place your tomato mixture on the Ciabatta or baton and season as appropriate.