• As per Lufthansa cancellation policy, travellers may change or cancel their reservation up to 24 hours before to takeoff. There is a cancellation fee that passengers must pay in order to receive a refund.
  • If the traveller cancels the ticket on the same day as the reservation and the departure date is one week from the reservation date, the airline will issue a full refund.
  • Holders of non-refundable tickets will not be eligible for a refund, and the airline will forfeit the full cost of the ticket. Therefore, always book a return ticket to guarantee a reimbursement. The Refunds are calculated on a net basis, which means they do not account for cancellations or other costs.
  • You can submit an email claim for payment if the airline is unable to provide flying services to the passenger. The airline will credit the passenger's account with the compensation in 20 business days.


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