Changes to Emirates flights can be made online, over the phone (+), or through your travel agent.


To modify your online reservation for an Emirates flight:


  1. Change of Emirates Flight Reservation
  2. Visit the official Emirates website at
  3. Choose Change your booking from the Manage tab's dropdown menu.
  4. Please enter the following details:
    1. your final name
    2. Your booking identification number
  5. Select "Retrieve Booking" from the menu.
  6. Choose the flight reservation you want to modify.
  7. Observe the instructions on-screen to:
    1. Change your flight's departure or arrival time.
    2. Change your origin or destination
    3. Adding or removing layovers
    4. Alternate your course (i.e., from one-way to from round trip)
    5. switch the cabin class (i.e., from Economy to Business or First Class)
    6. Cancel a portion of your travel plans.


After you complete the modifications, a confirmation email will be sent to you.


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