For anyone looking to participate in any diet, phentermine over the counter has a major benefit for long-term results.

Here are some great tips to suppress your appetite. There are many different supplements that can help suppress your appetite.

Nicotine use - don't smoke!

Yes, smoking is very harmful to health. But what if we could harness the appetite-suppressing effects of nicotine without having to deal with the dangers of smoking? Take Nicorette gum. It may sound weird, but nicotine is a great appetite suppressant (I'll buy a few packs of it when I get to the fat loss phase of Visual Impact).

Chewable sticks are available in 1 mg, 2 mg or 4 mg. I recommend taking a 1mg or 2mg amount. Although the label says you can safely take up to 24 pieces per day, I would recommend staying below 4 pieces to avoid addiction. The probability of addiction is small, but it is still important to be careful.

Ephedrine for appetite reduction and fat loss

Ephedrine is a supplement that many people I work with have had great success with in achieving their fat loss goals. This is a double-edged sword because it increases metabolism and suppresses appetite. It's no surprise that many fitness athletes use phentermine when trying to diet for competition. It also boosts energy throughout the day, which can be very helpful if you're on a diet.

Note. Although ephedrine is legal in Canada, over the counter in the US, it may not be legal in your country. I found it to be safe, but regardless of your opinion, make sure you stay within the recommended dosages while taking it. More is not always better, no matter how effective the stimulant.

Other fat burning supplements

Many fat burning supplements have appetite suppressant properties due to the unique blend of natural compounds they contain except phentermine. Some famous ones are Hydroxycut and Lipo-6.


There's a reason servers at non-dining restaurants always want to fill your glasses with water—drinking water fills you up faster and lasts longer. Drink plenty of water regularly.

Start the meal right

Start your meal with vegetables. Plain and simple. Vegetables are full of fiber and fill your stomach, keeping you full for much longer. Even if you want to eat a big meal, at least start with vegetables. You'll notice that vegetables significantly reduce your appetite and you won't eat as many other high-calorie foods during the rest of your meal.

Protein keeps you full for longer

Eat protein-rich foods with less emphasis on carbohydrates. Protein has been proven to keep people fuller for much longer. Lean meat is a great choice, especially chicken breast. For busy people, whey protein shakes are also a great low-calorie option that is very high in protein.

Carbohydrates, on the other hand, increase insulin, which can increase appetite. In particular, try to stay away from very sweet artificial foods, which have a greater effect on insulin levels.

Calorie density should be noted

Calorie density is also a concept to understand. Some foods are simply higher in calories than others. This means that a bite of one food contains many times more calories than a bite of another food.

By focusing largely on high-calorie foods, you can suppress your appetite more effectively. That's why it's so important to start your meal with vegetables.

Eating periods

Many people find it easier not to eat for a period of time, rather than eating constantly but in limited amounts. It's like Lay's famous catchphrase "I bet you can't eat just one." Most people are like that. Once they get into something, they can't stop! This is why phentermine can be so powerful. It also has amazing physiological benefits.

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