People of all economic backgrounds appreciate HPHT (High Pressure High Heat) diamonds. Diamonds of this type are manufactured in laboratories by heating diamond seeds to extremely high temperatures.

How HPHT diamonds are created in the laboratory?

HPHT [High-Pressure High Temperature]

The HPHT diamond creation process begins with a seed placed in carbon, which is then exposed to intense heat and pressure, resulting in the formation of a layer of diamond around the seed, which is then cooled. After cooling, the diamond is ready for cutting and polishing to give it an elegant appearance.

Benefits of HPHT diamonds

The major benefit of HPHT diamonds is that they are similar to natural diamonds in all aspects, and then also cost 30 to 40 % less than natural mined diamonds. So as a result you can get a large shining diamond without spending too much.

HPHT diamonds are environment friendly they cause almost little to no harm to the environment, the major reason is that they do not require mining to be produced. And everyone knows how mining harm the land and most of the time results in land abrasion.

HPHT diamonds always come with an authenticity certificate. These diamonds are always graded by reputed certification institutes like IGI and GIA. So when you will purchase these diamonds you will not have to worry about the genuineness and the origin of the diamonds.


Considering these benefits the HPHT diamonds are must have for all. And if you care about the environment then you can shift to lab grown diamonds any day, they are created by mainly two processes i.e, CVD(Chemical Vapor Deposition) and HPHT. And both of these methods are performed in a controlled and safe environment in the laboratory,  that's why lab diamonds are often considered Eco-Friendly Diamonds.