How to use MetaMask Log in with Coinbase? MetaMask Log in and Coinbase are one of the strongest players in the cryptocurrency trading industry providing users with great opportunities to test their trading skills. Both the platforms have their separate fan base and they both come with high-end trading features without letting you compromise your security at any step. Well, there could be nothing more dynamic than when you merge the two platforms together and use them to your advantage, you will realize that you have made the best decision ever. By using the MetaMask log in credentials that you use for accessing your wallet, you can easily merge it with a Coinbase wallet and use their features altogether. But, if you think you do not know the correct procedure to do it, then you can refer to the manual instructions that we are going to mention in the section below. In order to merge the MetaMask Log in with the Coinbase wallet, you need to make sure that you have already set up your wallet and that you have taken all the necessary actions to get started on the two platforms. If you haven't set up any of these wallets already, then you need to do so beforehand and then apply the steps presented in the upcoming section. Using MetaMask and Coinbase together Here are the easy steps that you need to follow in case you think you are ready to merge the two wallets together: First of all, you need to open the MetaMask extension Sign in to your wallet using the MetaMask log in password You can also open the wallet app on your device (if you are using MetaMask app) Now, navigate to the "Settings" menu and then click on the "Security & Privacy" option In the next step, you can click on the "Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase" option Once again, enter the MetaMask login password to continue Then, what you have to do is copy down your secret recovery phrase After this, please open the Coinbase wallet on your device And then, select the "Import an existing wallet" and then import the recovery phrase Here, you need to enter your 12 words secret recovery phrase that you copied in step 7 Click the "Import Wallet" option and then select a username followed by choosing a password Finally, you are all done and ready to use the two wallets together Conclusion: By using MetaMask log in and Coinbase wallets together, you can use the features and security services from the two wallets altogether in a single place. Once you have access to these wallets, you will be able to improve your trading skills and enjoy complete peace of mind. For more security, you can also try connecting your MetaMask wallet with a hardware wallet instead of connecting it to Coinbase.