As we all know, realistic sex dolls generally have silicone Sex Dolls and TPE Sex dolls, but in the manufacturing process, it is often necessary to mix silicone oil with other auxiliary materials to keep the doll soft. However, this also causes the Love Doll to ooze oil in daily life, so we can't let the Love Doll wear different types of clothes at will to avoid getting dirty or damaged.

Sex Doll is like a real person, only wearing good-looking clothes can add a bit of charm, and different styles will bring out your personality and feelings. But, do you know about Love Doll's dressing and how to dress elegantly?

First, talcum powder needs to be applied to the Sex Doll surface before putting on clothes. A powdered Sex Doll is easier to wear. Able to keep clothes fresh on the Sex Doll for a while.

Second, don't dress the Sex Doll in dark clothes. Silicone is oily and won't fade after dyeing, so it's best to wear white, light pink, or flesh-colored clothing. Otherwise, you cannot accept a dyed Sex Doll.

It is not recommended to buy clothes that are too tight and long sleeves are not suitable for dolls. The surface of the sex doll may become dented from prolonged wearing or difficult handling. Once this happens, it is very difficult to recover, or even impossible to recover.

Sex Doll's skin is smooth and delicate, do not wear brooches, sequins, chains, or other clothing with sharp edges or decorations as this can damage the doll. Once the Sex Doll's skin is damaged, oil can ooze out. This damage is irreversible, so if you don't want to hurt your Love Doll, please try not to wear such accessories.

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