Some growers may not need external camera monitors. However, they are an incredibly useful asset to have in your collection. There are many small but frustrating problems that can be encountered in video production. External monitors cannot solve all problems, but they certainly solve many of them. By understanding the importance of an external camera monitor, you can improve production efficiency and quality by adding a piece of equipment.

What You’re Shooting?

While cameras have always had ways to view what is being captured, camera monitors are very small. With an external camera monitor, you and your team can see what's being filmed in stunning picture quality. Instead of smaller camera screens, these large monitors allow you to think on the spot and make creative decisions.

Faster and Easier

With the size and image quality of the external camera screen, you can do more than just make creative decisions to enhance your product. You can also spot a number of issues that are hurting your production, such as out-of-focus shots. External monitors help you spot out-of-focus shots more easily than catching them after you've finished shooting. You can also detect and fix continuity errors and flaws in the frame.

Improve Quality Without Draining Camera Batteries

Another great feature of external monitors is that they allow you to see better images without draining your camera's batteries. Some cameras have better battery life than others, so adding extra equipment to the camera can make some productions more difficult than others. However, thanks to the external camera lh5p monitor's own battery, you can upgrade your camera without draining more power from it.


The importance of an external camera monitor cannot be overstated. This production tool can help you detect a number of common problems in real-time without putting extra pressure on your camera.